There are currently many restaurants serving students around the college with various types of food and drink that hepls students easy to choose. However, there exist many disadvantages of these restaurants as follows:

Food safety – It’s hard to control and protect students’ health. When eating there, we often easily find many unsafe dishes which have been cooked again and again many times or prepared with poor quality food. Besides, we cannot be guaranteed on environmental sanitation in these restaurants.

Prices of meals in these restaurants are often changeable depending on market changes, that will cause some financial hardship for students.

Quality of meals in these restaurants cannot provide students minimum nutritional needs.

For the above mentioned remaining issues, and in order to ensure students’ health, the college built a canteen close to student’s dormitory with a total area of 250m2 including 50 dining tables with 6 students per table that can provide simultaneously 300 meals.

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When students live and have meals inside the college, they can be ensured many things such as: food safety, time saving, nutritional quality of meals, suitable cost with the family’s budget, v.v.