Library is one of the key factors determining the survival and development of a school. In the era of current information technology development, in addition to its information storage role, library also has an important role in being a knowledge sharing and spreading place with numerous sources of information to IT users under the motto of meeting the needs of the IT users.

From its inception until now, libraries of Phuc Yen College of Industry has existed and developed in parallel with the development of the college with their total  area at three campuses is 3500m2. The libraries have three reading rooms with an area of about 60m2 serving 50-60 seats and three book warehouses. In addition to desks, chairs, bookcases, document lookup cabinets, the librabies are equipped with computers, printers, scanners, etc to serve the needs of readers in accessing to news, materials, online learning. Every year, additional books newspapers and magazines are added, and infrastructure and equipment for the libraries are upgraded.


Reading room, Library, Campus No.3

Library materials are very diverse and rich with 7285 titles of a total number of 26.100 books in the fields of Mechanics, Electrics – Automation, Automobile technology, Economics, Information Technology, Geology, Geodesy, Construction. Furthermore, the libraries have added classic materials, reference materials on natural sciences, social sciences, entertainment documents to serve the needs of learning and stuying of staff and students of the college. Annually, approximately 200-250 books equal to 1000 books for all majors are added.


Reading room, Library, Campus No.1

With the mission of education and training development in school and the implementation of the policy of the Ministry of Education and Training as well on the need of providing lectures for students, the libraries annually provide a huge number of textbooks written by the college’s to students. This is the basic and necessary resource for teachers and students at Phuc Yen College of Industry. In the upcoming time,  the college will provide 100% of lectures and textbooks for students of all majors.

Here are some pictures of the libraries.


Thu vien 1